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Author Topic: [EVIL]Clan Radio  (Read 7440 times)
[EVIL]Sir Ender
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« on: February 12, 2005, 02:12:18 pm »

The [EVIL]Clan Radio Server

I have set these guidelines and rules for the Clan Radio Server to avoid problems, (like the legal ones).

Who can listen to the server?
Anyone who clicks the listen link with Winamp installed.

Who can transmit to the server?
Anyone who has read this complete document, accepts these rules and guidelines, and has requested a password from me. Even modem users can try the 24kbps stream! You don't have to be a member of the clan. Other clan members are most welcome also. Use the PM messenger to: [EVIL]Sir Ender

This will be used (for now) as private server, all that means is that it does not show up on the list at shoutcast listservers. The people who are aware of the program from here will be able to connect to listen, and connect to broadcast, but the links to it will only be listed here from the boards. So, do your best to inform the people within the EF Community of your shows in advance. I'll provide some additional ways to promote your shows.

The server can hold 10 listeners, if there is a real need to increase this I will.

Bandwidth costs $$$ so we have to be careful how it's used. How long you can do a show depends on what connection rate you are using. There may also be some exceptions to this for some special event.

1.  24kbps limit your show to 5 hours
2.  40kbps limit your show to 4 hours
3.  96kbps limit your show to 4 hours
4. 112kbps limit your show to 3 hours
5. 128kbps limit your show to 2 hours

I have configured the server with 5 connection rates, so you must check that your connection settings match one of these 5 bitrate settings. Check what your connection rate (upstream) is. Then you would configure the encoders in Winamp's Shoutcast DSP to match one of these:

1.  24kbps, 22,050kHz, Mono (modem/ISDN/DSL/Cable users only)
2.  40kbps, 22,050kHz, Stereo (ISDN/DSL/Cable users only)
3.  96kbps, 44,100kHz, Stereo (DSL/Cable with 128 upstream only)
4. 112kbps, 44,100kHz, Stereo (DSL/Cable with 128 upstream only)
5. 128kbps, 44,100kHz, Stereo (DSL/Cable with 256 upstream only)

Please stick to these connection guidelines, it will ensure the best quality stream. Transmitting without enough upstream bandwidth will result in a terrible sounding stream! Nobody wants to hear chopped music and it's also a waste of bandwidth. Try to make your station sound like the "best" station. Give some thought to your selection of music. Watch the vu indicators in you shoutcast DSP, and don't let it clip. (keep it from slamming into -0 should average -4db).

Please be "bandwidth aware" and only use what you need. If you're trasmitting speech only (comedian or speaker) you should consider using one of the lower bitrate streams. You can get an idea of how much bandwidth the server will use by looking at the examples below.

Bandwidth consumed by the server for 10 listeners

Transmitting at  24kbps x 10 listeners server needs   240kbps  
(256k upstream)
Transmitting at  40kbps x 10 listeners server needs   400kbps
Transmitting at  96kbps x 10 listeners server needs   960kbps
Transmitting at 112kbps x 10 listeners server needs  1120kbps    
(T1 upstream)
Transmitting at 128kbps x 10 listeners server needs  1280kbps

Bandwidth needed for 20 listeners

Transmitting at  24kbps x 20 listeners server needs   480kbps
Transmitting at  40kbps x 20 listeners server needs   800bps    
(T1 upstream)
Transmitting at  96kbps x 20 listeners server needs  1920kbps    
(T3 upstream)
Transmitting at 112kbps x 20 listeners server needs  2240kbps
Transmitting at 128kbps x 20 listeners server needs  2560kbps

You can check the links in the navagation bar to get the status of the server. You should go to a page that says shoutcast DNAS status. If it says the server is down, that means that it is currently not in use, not that the server is broken. If the server was broken you would get an error page when you check the radio link page.

The 56k stereo stream was changed to 40kbps, 22050kHz stereo so that we could provide more quality to the modem users. I don't think the modem users will be able to transmit a stream, but they can listen to a much higher 40 k stream with stereo.

 :toast:  :toast:  :toast:

Happy Shoutcasting!
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« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2008, 08:53:51 pm »

ok sweet gotcha
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