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Author Topic: History  (Read 1684 times)
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« on: March 01, 2010, 11:11:25 pm »

Ok, here's the [EVIL] story as I've heard it and I've lived it.  Its a story of misunderstanding, betrayl, being lost, and finding ourselves again.

Our founder, Zeta/Spawn, was an 11 year old kid.  I mention this because it may be some pertinent information later on in the story.  Zeta was a member of [DARK], along with who would be our second clan leader, Gunman.  Now, for some odd reason, Zeta started putting [EVIL] in his name, so it looked like [DARK][EVIL]Zeta/Spawn.  He said he did it just cause it looked cool.  However, the higher ups in [DARK] did not approve of this because it looked like he was in another clan.  So Zeta and the leaders of [DARK] go into it about having [EVIL] in his name, eventually resulting in him being kicked out of the clan, along with Gunman later on (he got kicked out for continually hitting on the clan leader, who was a female, lol).  So Zeta and Gunman were without a clan.  Now, they had both been in several clans, so they figured between the two of them, they had enough knowledge about how clans worked to start their own, and thus [EVIL] was born.  

Initially, [EVIL] was born out of spite and anger.  [EVIL]'s purpose?  To bring down [DARK].  So Zeta and Gunman started recruiting right away, trying to bring people in to contribute to their cause.  With every person who joined, their war with [DARK] escalated as well.  Posts were being made on their message boards that were done out of malice.  Harrassment was going on in servers.  They were going about the war in a bad way, instead of say holding matches, it was an all out guerilla war, hit and run tactics.  So this went on for several months, until the war finally began to simmer down.  The war was getting no one anywhere.  A lot of bridges were burned, friendships broken, people lost from EF for a long time.  Relations between [DARK] and [EVIL] would remain sour for a very long time.

We now enter a time of relative peace, only compared to the war before.  Now [EVIL] was maybe 10 strong, and really with no purpose.  Zeta grew very complacent and really did nothing to help the clan become organized.  He would recruit someone and not get any of their info, such as email, messenger service, whatever else.  So Gunman, his second in command, had no way of knowing how to get in touch with their clan members.  Also, Zeta had no desire to help with a clan website, leaving Gunman to make one on his own, which was an MSN Community website (some of us remember that site, lol).  So Gunman and the active clan members were growing very intolerant of Zeta and his lack of responsiblity.  All the clan members got together and decided to stage a mutiny.  They claimed that since Gunman was doing all the work, Zeta had no right to call himself a clan leader.  Zeta grew despondent because he knew he was losing grip of his clan, this is where I enter.

I had been playing the game for maybe a month when I was recruited by [EVIL]Joe, now a higher up in SFEF.  I was in the clan for maybe a few days when finally the clan rose up and overthrew Zeta.  I had met Zeta once before he was kicked out, so I thought he was the clan leader and all.  So I hear that he had been kicked out and was very puzzled, lol.  It wasn't until about a month later that I learned the full story of the beginnings of [EVIL] and what lead to Zeta getting kicked out.

So anyways, when I joined the clan, it was really one big blob, not really organized yet.  Gunman was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of responsiblity he had.  He had to take care of the website, the new clan members, and the current clan members.  To remedy his sense of overwhelment, he decided to make squads.  He had four squads in mind initially, to be color coded, red, black, white, and yellow (the colors would be later determined by the captains once they were choosen).  Gunman choose captains on a first come first serve basis.  Basically, all you had to do was say that you wanted to be a captain, and you were.  Now, I had been in the clan only a couple of weeks, so I thought there was no way in hell that I'd be choosen to be a captain.  So I jokenly say that I wanna be a captain, you all know how I like to be a smart ass, lol.  Then, to my surprise, Gunman tells me that I'm a captain :wtf: .  I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what the hell I was doing, lol.  [EVIL] was my first clan, so I really had no idea how a clan was run, lol.  By the time I was appointed captain, all the cool colors for squads were taken, so I choose yellow, lol.  Black squad was led by our very own Frag-O-Matic who has recently rejoined us.  The squads slowly began to grow as captains began recruiting.  Frag began to recruit like there was no tomorrow, lol.  I, on the other hand, had no idea how to recruit.  Also, I had a hard time recruiting because [EVIL] had no name in EF, and I was relativly still a noob, so my skills were not highly developed yet.  My first recruit was already a clan member, so not much effort was needed for that, lol.  Current members had to choose a squad to join.  So I emailed this one guy hoping to have him as my first recruit, to which he replied that he would be honored to be in my squad.  This first guy was [EVIL]Bastard, who would later rename himself to [EVIL]SilverSurfer (I think I liked [EVIL]Bastard better, lol).

So I tried to recruit people just by going in to servers and asking them to join, but I got turned down many times.  I began to become disenfranchised, but Silver was always there to give moral support.  So I kept playing, and as I did, I found my skills kept getting better and better.  I began to make a name for myself  as a pretty good fragger.  I'd enter servers, and everyone knew who I was and what I was capable of, which would sometimes lead to people leaving the server, lol.  So I started to build a reputation as a good fragger, and a guy who was easily approached. so the recruits began to pour in.  I would ask people to join [EVIL], and they would say hell yeah.  Yellow began to grow.  My squad grew very quickly, and quickly caught up to the size of black squad, then the largest squad in [EVIL].  Heh, Frag and I were sort of in a race to see who could recruit the most recruits.  At one time, black and yellow squad made up 75% of the clan, if not more.

So while I was growing a better and better reputation, I was becoming more respected in the clan.  Because of this respect, Gunman and I grew very close.  We found that we had a lot in common, which helped us became good friends.  Now back then, there was no second in command, not officially at least.  Frag and I pretty much considered ourselves the co-second in commands of the clan, seeing as how we were the most active captains.  

Later on, we became members of the LGL.  Now, to be in the LGL, each clan had to appoint two clan representives to be in the clan council.  Gunman choose himself right away to be one of the reps, so he had to then choose another.  He thought about if very carefully, and eventually choose me.  Him choosing me as the clan rep pretty much made me second in command of the clan, which also made me succesor to the throne, as it were, lol.  I think Frag may of been a bit jelous when I told him, lol, I still remember his reaction when I told him I was choosen to be the clan representative in the LGL ; ).  So gunman and I grew even closer, to the point that we would spend many nights, up to the wee hours of the morning, just talking.  Not even talking about the clan, but just about our lives in genral.

As we grew closer, he began including me in important decissions that could affect the clan as a whole.  He would bring me to meetings with other clan leaders.  He would ask my opinion on different matters.  I watched him form alliances, set up matches, discipline clan members, and take actions against accosting clans.  I learned a lot about leading a clan from Gunman.  Then, one summer, two years ago, Gunman told me he was growing tired of being clan leader.  He told me that he would be stepping down soon, and that he wanted me to be clan leader when he did.  I was very surprised, and kind of weary.  I had never lead a clan before, and Gunman left huge shoes to follow in.  So I debated with myself for a month or so, the time Gunman said he had left until he stepped down.  I did some soul searching to decide if I was really clan leader material.  So finally the day came that Gunman decided it was his time.  He asked me if I was ready to be clan leader, or if he should give it to someone else.  I reluctantly accepted, after some convincing by Gunman.  Thus began the era of Killbot, lol.

One of my first actions was to rebuild the relationship between [DARK] and [EVIL].  Unbeknownst to me, [DARK] had just had a change over as well, they gained a new clan leader.  The two of us began trying to settle our differences, a very arduous task that lasted several months.  But today, [DARK] and [EVIL] are on very friendly grounds, and the war in the past was left in the past.

Since I've become clan leader, members have come and gone.  The clan website has been upgraded several times, to now our current masterpiece perfected by Scattershot.  New squads have been formed, some disbanded.  Divisions of the clan have opened and closed.  But a few things have remained a constant.  Our clan rules have been followed since the day Gunman drew them up, with few changes to them.  Our reputation has remained in tact because of those rules.  We have grown from a clan of nobodys, to a clan that many know, and many respect.  In a community where many clans are formed, but few make it, we have triumphed over adversity.  Not adversity from the rest of the community, but adversity from ourselves.  We formed out of anger and spite, but have done a total 180 and are now about peace and fun.  This is [EVIL].  This will forever be [EVIL].  We will always overcome whatever obstacles are in our way, and will always come out the better for it.  I am [EVIL] forever.

this was written by [EVIL]Killbot

By request I will add on to this.

As time has passed we have lost dear friends [EVIL]Kellerman 1/9/06 is one that I can think of.  

We have had our own splits with in this group one was to form >DG<.  In the end we are still friends with our sister clan. The other was |CD| who then came back to [EVIL] and then moved on to >DG<.

We have changed leaders from [EVIL]Killbot to [EVIL]SHAFE, to [EVIL]Overlord, and now to me [EVIL]DAS MAN.

[edited by Shafe.. the above was written by Killbot, not me]
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